MyWIL - Work-Integrated Learning at Waikato

At the University of Waikato we are committed to preparing our graduates to be ready for the workforce. That’s why all our undergraduate degrees include a compulsory work-integrated learning paper.

Work-integrated learning (WIL) papers create a link between academic learning and the practical applications of this learning in the workplace through a work placement, practicum, or a work-related project.  The options available to you will depend on the degree you’re completing.

Whichever option you complete, a WIL paper will allow you to develop and apply essential professional skills that will prepare you for the workforce, and have the opportunity to demonstrate your graduate knowledge to employers.

The MyWIL portal provides you with easy access to information about WIL and your work placement.

To manage your work placement through MyWIL please start by selecting your area of study below.

Example of Work Placement
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